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Dimension Family.

December 15, 2009

The next dimension family wouldn’t stop having a picnic outside our house until we came out to meet them. At first they were the Simpsons. I went outside with Angela and then they turned into their real states. They were thin lines that made geometric shapes (kind of like Atari graphics). As soon as we ran over to the table everything, including the surrounding forest, turned to black. Thin, bright lines made shapes all around us while a commentary explained how much joy they were going to have in a menacing voice. Lots of falling shapes. Bright eyes. Running, falling, hiding, running. Hexagons, Cubes,  2D outlines of trees, more eyes, laser beams, blips of light. Eventually I got sick of running (and the voice), so I turned around to face it. The last thing to come at me was a SONY symbol. Everything turned grey. I thought I was dead. I even asked myself if I was dead. Then I started jogging. I jogged down the steps on the hill. I jogged passed all of the people lining up for a very popular yoga class.

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