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Being a Vegetarian.

December 2, 2009
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I was meeting Jeff and Yurie at restaurant in Dunedin (near Princess St). When we ordered they made fun of me for being a vegetarian. After the lunch Jeff told me he would give me a ride home. He was a terrible driver. He kept swerving off edges of things and I was quite scared. He wanted to take a detour around the peninsula. I thought it was a bad idea, but I didn’t say anything. The tires kept scraping the edges of the road and he was driving very fast. We came to a big cliff that had no fence. He was reading while he was driving at 120kmh. The tires went off the edge and and the whole car fell. It was a really deep cliff, and I thought fast; I opened the window and climbed out so I could fall into the water without being in the car. It worked. I went down pretty deep but was able to swim to the surface. I then looked for Jeff. There were already people on the beach (including my mum), so they were able to to help. We found the car and lifted it out. Jeff was still inside. He looked dead. I opened the door and shook him really hard. He came out of it. He was alive. “That was crazy,” he said very seriously.

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