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Fake Grass.

November 22, 2009

We were at a holiday resort. It had fake grass. There were two swimming pools; a deep one and a paddling pool. I got given a box of sea creatures. I didn’t know what to do with them so I dumped them into the  pool. The fish just started swimming around, but the octopuses swam really fast in circles and looked really angry. Then they jumped out of the pool, one after the other, and crawled along the ground towards the paddling pool. They were very fast. They jumped into the paddling pool and tried to eat the toddlers (who screamed and ran out of the pool). The octopuses got out again and crawled towards anybody who was nearby. They cut off one of their own legs and threw it into the bigger pool. They crawled around after peoples toes until they slowed down and died. The tentacles that were removed started moving after they were dead. The legs became strange piranha type things and ate the other fish. Shoko jumped in and out of the pool quickly as an extreme sport. I tried it too. One took a nip out of my arm. What fun.

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