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The Watchmen in The Watchtower.

November 6, 2009

Laura and I were driving around the North Island of New Zealand. We came inland from the coast and found a lake that initially I thought I had never seen before, but then remembered. I told her a story about it:
There were 2 ways to get to the other side of the lake; one going around, and the other taking the bridge. There was something I wanted to see and I didn’t want to drive all the way around, so I went across the bridge. You could only tell that there was a bridge because of a discoloration of the water. There was a sign at the start of the bridge saying that it was private, but I took no heed. When I got to the other side (I was walking by then), I noticed another sign. It said, “If you went across the bridge then the watchmen in the watchtower will have watched you. You will be caught by the police”. I carried on unscathed.
I went down the track (towards a waterfall) a little way and then heard, “STOP, POLICE!” They put the sniffer dogs on my trail. I hid in the bushes, they past me, and then I ran up to the start of the track again. I got in a taxi and told him to go. The driver was Alastair from Otago Taxis.

I was hanging out in Olivia Dudson’s flat in the bush, when we got ambushed by police. I got arrested by the japanese police lady, but they couldn’t fit me in their squad car cause they already had 13 officers squashed in. She told me that what I did wasn’t even really that bad, so don’t worry about it.

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