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I left my Door Unlocked.

September 17, 2009

Robbie told me that he would like to swap flats with me. I agreed cause his was bigger and cheaper. His was in a dodgy area, but it was Tokyo so didn’t matter too much. It was a thin place, but had 3 three stories. I left my door unlocked. I asked a guy the way to town. He told me, then robbed my house when I was away.
When I got home I found the mess. At least he hadn’t taken my Galapagos tortoise. I fed Rayles and then went to bed. I was nearly asleep when I heard somebody open my front door. I hadn’t locked it again. It was the same skinhead. As he was coming up-stairs with a knife, I jumped over the railing and floated down to the front door. I ran out. The guy chased me. For some reason I couldn’t run very fast. At least I was able to outrun the guy.
He moved into my apartment. I came back, ready to reclaim it. There was a dead tortoise in the corner. I walked in, picked up a knife, and held it to his throat. He laughed at me. I pushed him down. He kept saying I wouldn’t do anything and made a grab for the knife. So I cut off his tongue. It was quite hard to do, but there was no blood. It was really gross. He was still laughing. His girlfriend came over and shot him in the chest. I was worried about his huge dog attacking me, but the girlfriend said the dog wouldn’t attack without word from the master, and he was dead.
I quietly slipped out for a walk to think about what had just happened. Andrew A met me along the road. He told me he had had a brilliant dream, and explained (in better detail than I have just done) everything that had just happened to me.

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