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Confusing the Snake

September 6, 2009

I’m not really sure what I had done wrong, but there was a warrant for my death. There were security cameras everywhere, so it was easy for the authorities to find me. I had to kill the people who were after me with poison darts, and change into their clothes, pretending that I was looking for me too. They nearly had me in a communal shower.

There was a giant python loose in the university. Since there was a death warrant on my head anyway, I decided to stay as close to it as possible, constantly out-smarting it.
It would sleep with its body on the ground and its head on the roof of the administration building. There was an escalator that went up to the roof, and for about half an hour I would run up and down the wrong sides of the escalator, confusing the snake. It had already eaten a lot of people, so it trying to get me was stopping it from eating more.
There were many other tricks I used to outsmart the snake, but the best ones always involved pulley systems using ropes that I found, and running in and out of doors.

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