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Biblical Studies.

September 5, 2009

Laura and I went to a biblical studies introductory meeting in Wellington. Everybody was dressed up. Laura wore a silky green dress. I was really happy to run into both Fran and Lucinda there. They both had dates. Cory was with Fran, but I didn’t know Lucinda’s. Cory’s suit was very posh, but far too big for him. I said that we should go to the 1920s style club down the street and dance like floosies, and then go to a game centre. Jeff said he needed me to take some photos so I said I would be right back.

When I had finished with the photos I noticed 124 missed calls on my phone. Then Fran came running up to me. “We tried to call,” she said.
“I noticed,” I replied.
“You were taking too long so we went without you. Look at these pictures.”
She showed me Polaroids of the 1920s club. It looked really fun. Everybody was dancing and laughing. I was disappointed that they didn’t wait for me.

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