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Smoking Barney.

August 16, 2009

My family has a swimming pool. It’s in a garage, but nobody had been using it. When I was smoking Barney the Dinosaur cigarettes in my room I decided to go check out the pool for the first time in ages.

I dived in. I was still smoking but the cigarette didn’t go out. I noticed that there was a whole lot of stuff at the bottom of the pool. They must have have been there for years. I managed to save a pair of sparkly shoes, some towels, a briefcase, and some felt-pens among other things. I then drained the pool.

I drove Laura to a cafe where she was going to meet a bunch of her old friends. I wasn’t allowed to go, but I didn’t know what I was going to do for the afternoon. I saw Nat dropping off Eddie at the same place. Mum was going there too. She complained that I had drained the pool.

On the way back I was on a bus with one of my classes from KVC. Everybody was drunk. Tristram kept on telling me very loudly that Eleisha and Olivia were hot. Eleisha didn’t look too happy, but Olivia thought it was funny. At me and Scott Ransom’s stop we asked if anybody wanted to come in for a drink/party. We ignored the hobo that said yes. We took the rest of the booze in the bus and went inside, shutting the door before the hobo could come in.

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