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The Lifeguard Complained.

August 3, 2009

English now was having a pool day. There was a mix up and we had to make the kids swim in the diving pool rather than the paddling pool. In Japan there’s a rule where everybody in the pool has to get out, and stand on the side, every half an hour. But in this case they didn’t just do that, they drained it too. When the pool was drained the lifeguard complained that somebody had left their goggles at the bottom. Jinu jumped in and hurt himself. The water started piling in on top of him. He thought it was funny & stayed down there. I had to jump down too. I tried to push him to the top of the water so that he would float, but he was playing around. When he realised that he had run out of air he started panicking. that made it even more difficult to get him to the top. I had run out of air too. When we finally breathed again it was time to get out of the pool.

The school hall was next to the pool. I was going to be playing in a concert with a Jazz-Fusion band that I was involved in. I had to hurry down the long halls to the sound check. My drums were all broken up, and I had to put them back together. The others were practising without me. The drums were strange models and I couldn’t work it out. The kick pedal was the weirdest part. I asked the music teacher for help. He told me that I had the bass drum around the wrong way. I said that he was lying. The drum looked like a mix between the end of a white boot and a space shuttle. He was right. It was the wrong way. I apologised. The show started and my drums were still in pieces. I couldn’t put them together and thousands of people were watching.

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