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A Great Joke

July 11, 2009

The new Tokyo Tower sight was being built in Ikebukuro. It was absolutely gigantic. The whole thing was built except for the base. It was being held up by a crane. I was kind of disappointed that it looked the same as the the old Tokyo Tower (except for being dark red). I met my brother (Matthew) up on the hill with the cliff that you could look down on the tower from. I looked over the side a little, but it was really scary. I got vertigo from the slightest look. Laura and I both looked over the edge, but couldn’t see the bottom because we both freaked out before we leaned out far enough.
Matthew told me about the practical  joke he liked to play on teenagers: “You convince a 15 year old to look over the edge. When they do you give them a tap. They should run away from the edge. You then convince them that you’re not going to hurt them, and ask them to look over again. When they do you run at them and throw 50 yen over the side of the cliff. At first they think you’re going to push them over, but then they think it’s brilliant!”
I thought it was a great Joke. Matthew pointed out the sunset. It was covered in smog, so really hard to see, but you could tell it would have been awesome if it was a bit clearer. “I can imagine my tears of awe,” he said.
On the way down I met Ami and her mum. I told her she missed out on the view. She told me to ‘fuck off’ and then laughed.
Laura told me that she’s moving back to the States in a week. She wasn’t emotional at all. “I have to start a new health diet,” she said, “I’m going to pull out one of my front teeth so that I can suck in my liquids and better air through my closed mouth while I run through cornfields.” Then she ran through cornfields forever.

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