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A SUICA Educational Video.

June 29, 2009

For my new job with Gwen from the After School club. We had to watch a SUICA educational video over and over. It told us the fastest way from where we were to Suganami (Sugamo?) on the Yamanote line. I had to go out and practice. I was pretty sure I knew a faster way than the one on the video. At first everything was fine. I swiped my card and went to the platform. None of the trains seemed to be going to Suganami, which was weird because the Yamanote line is a loop. The only one that was was so disgusting that I decided against it; The inside was black, it had no chairs, and there was rusty blood on the outside. Peoples’ bags fell from the roof of the train and onto the platform. I took the next train even though I didn’t know where it was going. “I can change trains if need be,” I thought. All of the cars seemed to be green cars, so I didn’t know where to sit. Jason Palmer and Adam Moodie were asleep in one set of seats, so I sat across from them. I made silly noises to wake them up; they were confused at first, blaming each other for the noises. They were glad to see me. They started calling me PacMan. Hamish Hamilton said, “I hope you still don’t pass over mouldy warts when you shake peoples’ hands.” He was talking about Mr Pacman. I asked them where they were going. “Way the fuck up in Tohoku,” replied Nick Anderson (who looked very much like a cave-man). I said that I was going there too, but not for a couple of weeks. I was going to hitch-hike. “Right now I’m just going to Suganami though…although we may have already passed it.” We were in their car, but I had no idea where. I had to keep a very deadly snake (with legs) out of mum’s house. I failed, went upstairs, and panicked. A bad snake was downstairs, what should I do?

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