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The Festival Forest.

June 6, 2009

A couple of my bands were playing in an outdoor festival. It was raining and people’s equipment kept getting wet. For some reason I forgot my cymbals, my phone, my keys, and my wine. I told Evan, and he said that Karl had a car. Karl’s older brother wanted me to try his moonshine, but I declined. We travelled up to my flat and I grabbed my cymbal. My phone was a box of chocolates. My wine was bright pink. Evan undid the cap and threw it away. We tried it; it tasted like medicine, and had the consistency of thick icing. If you tipped the bottle completely upside down it would create a film and wouldn’t spill.
Mum was waiting for me outside. I left the house (her house), and got in the van. She took me to the edge of the festival forest where David Bowie was waiting in a high fortress. When it opened I put my keys into a drawer full of soda water.

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