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Pipe Cleaners.

May 26, 2009

I was on my way to the airport to go to New Zealand. The airport itself had lots of tracks like a train station. I didn’t want to take a local though; that would only take me somewhere else in Japan. I needed a limited express plane. The international section was down this hall with a toll booth. it needed 200 yen. I thought it was silly that we have to pay another 200 yen on top of the money we pay for our flights. On the other side of the hall there was a sparse outdoor section with loads of hilly paths leading in lots of directions. Each path eventually went to a runway. I watched about 100 people walk down an extremely steep farm hill (I think they came from Zimbabwe).
It was then that I realised I wasn’t going to New Zealand; my flights weren’t till October (it’s only June), AND I’m going with Laura anyway. AND I was supposed to be working.

Back at work I apologised and told them I completely spaced out. Nobody turned up for my learning centre, but i decided to make a cake, and explain how, anyway. Shoko needed to borrow the air-conditioning unit though; she was making a cake too and actually had kids turn up. Adam Wells was going to cut my hair with scissors he had made out of pipe cleaners. I showed him how to open a beer with Mariko’s hair. We drank her fizzy too.

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