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Two Drug People.

April 23, 2009

We were taking our students to Sandfly Bay. The council had changed the walkway down to the dunes; it was a long, glass hallway with travellators. It had so many exits. Most of them led to car-parks. None of the kids wanted to go down the dune at first, so I grabbed Kyosuke and dived. We slid for ages and he thought it was awesome. At the bottom we hit a jump and flew into the air. He told me that the sun was setting. It was getting dark. I went up for the next student (they were scared to come down by themselves). When I grabbed Konosuke (he was reluctant at first), I went out exit 3b. It was a carpark so I tried another. They seemed to be different from before. I never found the dunes again.

When we were back at work, everything seemed to be normal. Then Shoko screamed out my name. I came into her office. “Did you put bleach into the handsoap dispenser?” she asked. “No, I don’t think so,” I said, “well, I guess I could have, but I really don’t think it was me.”
“It’s okay that it was you, but please be careful!” She gave me a map of Dunedin and told me I could leave.
Lily asked what it was about. “Map distribution,” I said. Lily joked about maps and tacks for a while. I went into the next room. The room was a park. I was there for an hour, in the dark, trying to tack the map above the desk. There were two drug people watching me (they weren’t together). They both thought I was one too. One of them jogged past in slow motion muttering something about dark parks.

I decided to make a documentary about drugs. I had to be careful because New Zealand is so conservative that you can’t mention/talk about drugs in film or you’ll go to jail. I had to use codewords.

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