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Pooh Ride.

April 13, 2009

There is a Winnie the Pooh ride at Disneyland. It’s much more fun than you expect. You ride in ‘hunny’pots, and it bounces up and down and spins around in a kind-of-creepy, fun, neon way.
Disneyland is also a very large, very fancy restaurant. It has a quantity of zones, and all of them have chandeliers and table-cloths. You need a tuxedo to get in.

I was at a function at Disneyland. I was supposed to be working, but went on the Pooh ride anyway. You are supposed to stay in the ‘hunny-pot’ at all times, but it sounded way more fun to jump out and walk around the ride myself. It was. It was awesome. Everything started going crazy; it bounced more, and everything turned into hallucinogenic ghouls. They started pouncing forward at me, and actually got very scary. I started freaking out and needed out of ride, but it just got faster, the lights got more strobe-y, and more ghouley.
I finally got out and knew I would be in trouble. The exit I took was right by a swamp, so I hitched a ride before Disney got me.
The guy in the van made me duck down in the back while telling fishing stories for hours on end. When I was finally able to sit up again the scenery looked completely different. I knew we weren’t in Tokyo anymore, but I hoped we were somewhere nearby. “We’re in Los Angeles,” the man said without me having to ask, “I thought you’d like to see L.A.” Los Angeles was WAY cooler than I expected; it had hundreds of giant brown mountains with jagged cliffs in every direction.

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