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Take Your Casiotone Keyboard to Work.

April 10, 2009

Laura and I were renting a house in Auckland. It had two stories and a lot of sunlight. One night we decided it would be brilliant to sleep in the car, on the street, beside the house. We got our sleeping bags out and uncomfortably got into a sort of lying down position. Gordon came over and tapped on the window. “I just want you to know, if you ever need anything please just ask,” he pleaded, “we’re two doors over, so really, it would be lovely. Even if you don’t need anything you could pay a visit.” He sounded very lonely.
Laura said she needed to go to work. She suddenly had a really great idea; “If I take your casiotone keyboard to work I can just play demos to the kids all day instead of doing any real work!” I didn’t think it would work, and didn’t really want to give it to her, but was so excited about it that she went inside, took it, and left.

I waited for her in the park down the road. I just sat in the dark and sang nursery rhymes to myself for hours. Andrew saw me but didn’t say hello.

When Laura came back she said that before we finish our movie she needed me to take her appendix out. She was drunk, and I needed to get ready for the party in Highgate.

I wanted to dress like chocolate so I put brown paint all over me. I just looked like I was either covered in poo or making fun of black people. A few African Americans walked past. I thought they were going to beat me up, so I asked if they liked my costume. Most of them laughed and asked if I was post modern. One asked if I was chocolate cake. He was nice.

When I was walking up the Octagon towards the taxi stand I saw a baby that looked exactly like Paul Graham.

I told the taxi driver to take me to Highgate (in Japanese). He took me to the water-front instead. I said, “Chigau, chigau! Water-front janai! Highgate onegaishimas!!!” The taxi driver gave me badge saying that I was a VIP customer that was taken to the wrong place. He picked up another passenger, Hamish, who was luckily going to the same place. He didn’t have a costume. He talked about how you can’t get away from gay sloths and worms.

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