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Milk Party.

March 12, 2009

There was supposed to be a ‘milk meeting’ that I was attending at some small town library in the middle of nowhere. I went in with my lunch in my hand, but was unsure of where to sit. I kept walking around and people gave me looks as to say, “I don’t want you anywhere near me.” Finally, I went right to the back. Matya was sitting there but she didn’t seem to recognise me. She said that it was a staff only area but she wouldn’t mind if I sat there for a little while. I could tell that she did mind.

The meeting turned out to be just three middle aged woman and me. I told them about the trouble I had getting there; “I sent my milk ahead of me in a truck, but didn’t know how to get here myself,” I explained. “Taxis are the best way to get back to town,” one woman said, “they’re cheaper than Tokyo.” the small town was 50km away down the Otago peninsula if you’re trying to get there, but only a three minute walk BACK to town. I said I’d buy them each a bottle of chocolate milk.

After purchasing the milk in Dunedin I wanted to get back to the small town. I met up with Laura by the shop and she said that she’d like to come. She was carrying six heavy bags but didn’t want me to help. We looked at the bus timetable, but it seemed too inconvenient, so we walked to the next town, trying to get a taxi along the way.

Gwilym happened to be having a party at my Grandma’s old house in this town. There were only six of us there at first; Gwilym, a French friend of his, Laura, me, and two others. After talking, and eating a lot of fish, everybody started talking explicitly about sex. Then Laura took off all of her clothes. I was confused, but to show that I was the boyfriend (and so nobody would take advantage) I held her close to me. Gwilym’s friend kissed her neck. I told him to fuck off and pushed him away. Laura politely said to him, “No thanks, I’m not into that.”

The room was then covered in small coloured balls and balloons. My ‘Mommy and Me’ kids were playing everywhere and kids’ music started playing. Chiho was taking photos. I looked around for Laura but couldn’t find her. It was really loud.

I went out onto the porch. I saw some feet so took a closer look. Laura and Gwilym’s friend were having sex. I looked into her eyes but didn’t say anything. I turned around and walked away.

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