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It’s so greasy

January 22, 2009

An old teacher was returning to English Now. She gave a speech that everybody loved; she sounded like a professional comedian. Shoko asked if anybody else wanted to give a speech. There was a silence and then I said I would give it a go. I got up and kept comparing shells, thinking it was really funny. Nobody laughed. Then I sat down. Shoko asked again if anybody else had one. I got up again and everybody groaned. I told jokes about taps, and again nobody laughed. I sat down and everybody glared at me. Then it was clean-up time. I explained to Talia that it was supposed to not be funny, which is what made it funny. “Awkward things are always funny to smarter people,” I said, but I was just covering it up. Shoko overheard and made fun of me, saying that I can’t accept that I’m a terrible performer. The new teacher gave me an, “It’s okay, not everybody can be a performer” smile.

Talia, Yurie, Laura and I went for a walk. We started at the Soldiers’ monument near Monticillo, and half way across we stopped and ate before we moved on. We got out fish and chips and I explained how it was one of the worst foods on the planet, “It’s SO greasy!” Yurie and Laura both dissagreed. “No, I don’t think it’s so bad,” and “I really like it,” they said respectively. Yurie ran off angry for some reason. Laura said she wanted to stay there and watch the couples make out. Talia and I carried on. We walked through several forests and then went under the sea. “Most people do this walk the other way round,” she explained, “but I think it’s better when you end underwater. It’s warmer under here.”

A few of us were going on a science expedition under ground, and to get there we walked down a very steep, muddy cave. The lights were on though. Ayano, one of my students, pretended she didn’t have a drug problem by saying she had to take adrenaline every few steps to stop her from losing her breath. She was addicted and took too much so she fainted. She wasn’t breathing but her heart was still beating, so she was okay. In her subconscious we all took her to the emergency room where there were four of her. They told jokes and had a good time, trying to wake each other up. It didn’t look good for the real Ayano.

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