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Tom Waits.

December 16, 2008

We were at Laura’s new apartment. It was huge and had 2 storeys. She held up a full bag of coffee filters. “I’m almost out already,” she said, “this wouldn’t have happened if I bought them at the hyaku yen shop, but I bought them at peacock.”

Brendan Christie was trying to organise a the ‘bones band practice schedule. The most important practice was on a Thursday night (it was written in red in his phone) but I couldn’t make it because I was in a version of the musical, ‘Cabaret’. I had to be excused from the meeting because I had a show on that night too.

My costume was a nice suit with tails and a top hat. The tap dance I was doing looked fantastic even though it felt like I was tripping up all the time. I wasn’t the best though. As well as being on stage I was also watching from the audience. Callum Spence was sitting behind me. At the end of the show he said that I shouldn’t wear my tall top hat in the audience. Jason Wright was beside him and told Tristram (who was beside me (and in the show)) that he shouldn’t put his feet up on the seats. “I have bare feet so it doesn’t matter,” he replied. I apologised to Callum and showed him the 3D pictures on my phone. They were pictures of when I went to Egypt/California (at the same time). You could zoom in and fly in space.

Me and Callum were in Egypt/California; it was a crowded beach with the pyramids and the sphinx. Tom Waits was playing. I wanted to stay and listen, but Callum wanted to keep walking. I walked slowly behind him, annoyed that I would miss most of the show. Luckily the show was being broadcast live through i-pod cassette tapes, so I could at least listen to it. Callum sped ahead and eventually I lost sight of him. The bush was too thick so I tried to use the bridge to cross over the river. It got thinner and thinner and there were Niijima spiders on it.

When I got to the street Lucy was drinking wine and was just about to take sleeping pills. I told her to at least perform in the show that evening. She drove the car 7 blocks before crashing into herself. Callum had set the whole thing up.

We performed the show again but everybody else had bigger top hats than me. Jason complained at Tristram again, so we both threw our hats and shoes at him. I drank some of Emma’s cherry drink. Tris said he wouldn’t tell Emma. I knew he would.

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