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November 29, 2008

I was a teacher at Kaikorai Valley College. One morning I turned up very drunk. I tried to act cool, and wondered if anybody noticed. Then I went into the bathroom because I was naked. A wife of one of the local Mafia bosses came in after me. She wanted sex but I said no, so she took out a knife and tried to stab me. There was another knife sitting on the counter so I killed her. I ran off (with clothes on) knowing that the Mafia would be close on my heels. At least they didn’t know what I looked like.
I hid in a two storey house.
The Mafia boss came in to ask if I had seen the guy who killed his wife. I said no. I was a female. Then he saw the bloody knife in my hand (why did I keep it) and ran after me.
I was in a restaurant for thanksgiving. Gwilym said that it was a good one because they have awesome turkey. The waiter whispered in his ear that they ran out of turkey. He refused to pay for the meal he was eating. He kept eating though. A shower of bullets covered the restaurant; I don’t know where from.
Mr Tyson and Mr Ingram came up behind me. “I heard it wasn’t you parading around, drunk and naked, this morning after all!” said Mr Tyson, “it turned out to just be some kid. That’s what the principal said anyway.”
“Yeah, it was a misunderstanding,” I lied, “what teacher comes to school drunk? That would be pathetic.”

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