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Trip to Japan

November 2, 2008

I was really excited about my trip to Japan. Bryan told me how to get easy holidays at NOVA (who I was working for in Dunedin).
“You just ring up and say, ‘Justin, Andrew, Can’t come in, back in 2 weeks,’ and then it’s sweet as, ay.
Everybody else in my family was doing normal things; Michael and Dad were watching Full House on TV, Mum was chopping up carrots for dinner. I was dancing around the house saying, “I’m leaving tomorrow! I’m leaving tomorrow!” Mum said calmly, “I thought you were leaving next Wednesday.”
“No, it’s tomorrow”
I ran to my room to have a look at my Lawson convenience store plane tickets.
“They say Wednesday the 3rd of July,” I said.
“Oh that’s today,” mum replied, “maybe you should have already gone.” The ticket said 2pm. It was already 8pm. I was so heart-broken; I missed my flight.

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