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A Boxing Match.

October 11, 2008

Laura and I were walking to the beach in Onjuku. There was a small grassy sand-dune that we had to walk over to get to the beach. Just before the bank I nearly stood on a seal. I jumped back in surprise and the seal growled at me. Laura was really excited by the seals; there were so many of them relaxing near the dune. She started walking through them and I said that it wasn’t a good idea. She was walking straight towards a Sea-Lion. I told her not to go near it, but she did anyway. I kept saying, “Laura! Laura! Laura!” The sea-lion got pissed off and made a run for her. I said, “LAURA, RUN!!! Those things eat people!!!! RUN!!!!” She ran, but the sea-lion was faster. It took a chunk out of her leg. I ran down and punched the sea-lion in the face. It was actually a small brown bear. We had a boxing match.

We went into town rather than going to the beach; it was too dangerous. We looked for a restaurant and found a very very dusty Mediterranean place. It only sold sushi.

We booked a place for the night. I was never allowed to leave. I tried to once; the owner gave me soup for my journey but didn’t let me out

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