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I was professional.

September 29, 2008

I was a psychiatrist that went to peoples’ houses to see what was wrong with them. I only really did it to get away from All Blacks games. Nathan who lived in Urawa on the Saikyo line was Bob from Twin Peaks and he said that he needed my help with something. He said he didn’t know who he was because he had 2 penises and a vagina. I said I was professional so I could help him with that. He said that he had some evil powers that could only be reversed if someone took the key that he had on his desk (a yellow briefcase with some chains on it) and opened the door (he pointed) “over there”. Then he started acting really creepy and getting closer and closer. He said he was going to steal my brain and my soul. I grabbed the suitcase and ran to the door to unlock it and go inside. There was a double bed and some religious relics on the walls. He laughed. Apparently he’d tricked me to trap me. He put his eye up to the keyhole of the door. I tried to poke out his eye but instead he nearly grabbed my finger. he was grabbing at me with his hands which were through the keyhole. He came all the way through the keyhole stretching out to me with that face that he does. He got closer and closer with his mouth open ready to bite my nose, laughing the whole time. I scratched at him but he enjoyed it. He came closer and closer. I couldn’t get away.
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