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Loud Forests

September 23, 2008

I hadn’t been in Dunedin for a while, but since I was there I thought I should go and visit the church with my family. It was in the main auditorium of the Shoreline Christian Centre before they had the raised back part. The seats were set out cafe style. I was sitting with My family and the Curries. Mark Currie was sitting on my left. Robert Budd was speaking, and so it was pretty boring actually. I decided to go to the toilet just to pass the time.

On the way there I met up with Andrew A; he said he wanted to show me something really awesome. He’d found a really old, abandoned building that we could play around in. We wandered around for a while, looking at the different pillars and things. He said that the old group was waiting for us on the balcony. We wandered out there to find that Matthew Thompson and Gwilym were hanging out. We starting singing in a barbershop style. We were all very good singers who could harmonise with each other really well. We improvised the lyrics; at first we just sang about love and other cliché topics, but then we started having more fun with it (singing about turtles who needed to buy new shoes but loud forests were stopping it from getting through).

We were having such a great time, but then Michael Robinson appeared down on the street. He said that mum was going to be really angry for just walking out of church. I told the other guys (who were now wearing clown make-up) that I’d better go. They waved goodbye in a very stylised way. Mum met me on the stairs. She said that I obviously didn’t love her anymore if I was going to pull stunts like that. I tried to explain myself but just kept saying the wrong things that made me sound like a bad person. She left and I didn’t see her again.

I met up with Paul Stephanus in a big empty hall. He wanted to make crafts that we could use later for English Now. I kept trying to make flowers but the petals were never even. It was on the top field of KVC where the secret dragons made it very gloomy.

A guy dressed like a penguin who moved like a leech was moving towards the shopping mall. I didn’t want him to get there. I said, “Don’t let him in!”

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