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Towels and Keyboards

September 14, 2008

I came home for a surprise visit from my travels around the world. My family were very excited to see me. My mum and dad were asking lots of questions about my trip in the very large versions of the rooms in my old house. I was in my room and mum said she would wash my clothes and my keyboards. She made a roast dinner that I was going to eat outside with some guests.

I went outside to find Fiona Gordon and Thomas Jenkin were there waiting to talk to me. They were also excited to see me and couldn’t wait to share stories. I wanted to use the really big tables and chairs. They were the type of furniture a giant would use. Absolutely massive. I climbed up onto one of the tables some how and then realised that Josh had walked into my backyard. He had recovered obviously. I said I was happy for him. I got off the table and told him to watch what I was going to do. I took one of the small chairs and put it up to the giant tables. I told Josh (who was now sitting way up at the big table) that I really loved to do this. I thought it was brilliant. He took a steak knife and slid it down the table at me rather violently. It hit my hand and cut me. I stood up and walked inside without saying anything.

Mum was still doing the washing but she had finished the keyboards. She had accidentally shrunk Laura’s favourite towel. I told her that I was ready to leave again. She was a little sad. Dad asked what happened to my hand. The others came inside. Fiona asked why I left so suddenly (she didn’t see the knife thing). I asked Josh why he did it. He said he would cause he hated me that much and that he would do it again given the chance. I said that I wanted him out of the house. Mum screamed at him, “GET OUT!” He went to the kitchen to get a knife. I struggled with the door and finally got it open. He chased me out. I just wanted him away from my family.

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