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The Disney Resort.

August 23, 2008

Ryan was telling me that he could sneak us into the $20000-a-meal restaurant in the Disney Resort. And, not only did we get an extremely expensive meal for free, from there we could go anywhere we liked in the Disney parks. I decided to give it a shot, so we followed him. There were some stairs that went all the way from English Now to the restaurant.

We sneaked across the secret bridge late at night, but when we entered the restaurant they sat us down like it was dinner time. I guess rich people eat at any time. Ryan told two other people about it too, so there were 4 of us; Ryan, Anthony, Tyler, and me.

When we were eating the extremely expensive food (it just tasted like normal food but it was set out really fancily) the manager came out and made an announcement; somebody in the restaurant was stealing/eating for free! We tried to act surprised. He told everybody to stay calm because he was going to find out who it was. They kept bringing everybody lots of rolls. Every time the waiters handed out more rolls they would measure our heart rates. For some reason they gave our table more rolls than everybody else….They were on to us! Eventually, the manager took Ryan and my plates away and told us we would have to work for our $20000 debt. Anthony and Tyler got away scot free. I shut down and walked like a person with no soul, so they got councillors in to see if I was mentally stable. All of the computers shut down.

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