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Prue Clark’s family

July 31, 2008

Las Vegas was a youth camp where we stayed. I wanted to pay as little as possible, so I stayed in the owners place without their permission. When I woke up and went outside, I saw David Speden filming something about a ‘Cabaret Ninja’. He was wearing a Yukata and people were following him around like he was some sort of religious teacher. I think the film was for the 48 hour film competition. he came over to me and said to the camera, “The Cabaret Ninja has friends from all over the world, including the land of the naked.” I was then when I realised that I was naked (and became very uncomfortable).

When I went back to the room to search for clothes I couldn’t get in; the owners (Prue Clark’s family) had put a note on the door saying that $50000 worth of damages were done to this apartment and nobody was allowed in until everybody responsible was found and punished.

I went to the spa; I could sit there, naked, and think. Tim Smith was also in the spa so I told him what had happened. He said that the Clark family had gone on a 6 hour holiday to Prague so this was my chance to get my stuff and leave without them knowing. He said I was in a lucky position because although I pooed the bed and they had to clean it up, I didn’t use  the phone or other services, so they couldn’t trace me (they had everything tapped). There was a classical concert playing under the spa water which I would have liked to stay to watch, but I had to save myself.

I thanked Tim, rushed over to building and promptly broke in. The place was a mess, but I managed to find my travel bag (the one I got for $50 (Andrew A has one too)), shove a few things in, put on my form 2 polar fleece and some underpants, and leave. I decided to leave my model boats behind. I was too late though! As I was leaving the Clark Family came home. I rushed past them, and out of… the door. Luckily, the camp’s security fence was just those bars that you can walk through but makes it difficult to bike past. I sprinted away.

I decided to take the back streets because the Clarks would probably be looking for me on the major Doris. I came to a steep park with a big cliff and a waterfall. I asked Wocko the way back to Tokyo. He said go up the steep path, and then turn left for Higashi Tokyo and right for West Tokyo. I thanked him and tried to get up the path. It was too steep so I jumped off the cliff.

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