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The hills were turning into mountains.

July 14, 2008

We were sitting, having a meeting when the major earthquake hit. At first it wasn’t that big; it was just one of those side to side ones. We joked a little and thought it was quite a bit bigger than the ones we’d been getting lately. That one subsided. There was another about 2 minutes later. It started going up and down. We bounced higher and higher and higher. The ground buckled slightly. Then it subsided and we nervously joked around. Then the third on hit. It started bouncing us up and down again. but it didn’t stop getting bigger. And it was forming grassy hills underneath us. The hills were turning into mountains. The quake formed a mountain, sending us hurtling upwards (still around the table), and then throw us off the top. It was also sending us in multiple directions like a roller coaster. Then it made a mountain so big, and pushed us up it so fast that we had a hard time breathing at the top. Then we dropped back down. Extremely fast. “Interesting way to die,” I thought, and then blacked as we hit the bottom.

I awoke with Asahi, Yurie, Haruka, and Konosuke (all 3 year old students) all playing in the spring flowers. I didn’t understand why there were so many flowers in the winter. Asahi said it’s always spring after an earthquake. I started playing around with them in the very soft flowers. They were sorts I’d never seen before, and were softer than an expensive mattress. I looked over the kids with a smile, and then realised I was hallucinating; I wasn’t it some wonderful spring land at all, I was at English Now looking at the dead bodies of Asahi, Yurie, Haruka and Konosuke. I sobbed.

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