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Blonde Tips.

June 25, 2008

I went for my weekly swim class at Moana pool, but when I arrived the water was filthy. There was so much dirt (and I don’t know what else) in the water. It didn’t stop getting dirtier either. Mr Tyson checked the system on the wall to see how clean it really was and saw that it was too dangerous to swim in. “It must be all of the kids in the pool,” he said. The yellow light on the machine was blinking yellow and that’s the worst colour. I went home to bed.

When I woke up and looked in the mirror I was shocked; somebody had bleached my hair so that I had blonde tips. It was extremely ugly. I was ashamed. I looked to my left; I must have bought a tea and coffee set in my sleep. These days I would drink the coffee, but laura could have the tea. I came out of my very small room and looked around. The place was empty. A HUGE guy with shaky mental mannerisms came out of Michaels room. I jumped back. He laughed twitchingly about his sleep. He kept walking towards me and I would back away. “Who are you?” I asked. “I’m Mark Currie’s brother-in-law,” he replied. “What are you doing here?” “I live here. You have a nice room; I might sleep there.” “No you won’t, that’s my room.” “I paid 200,000 for part of this house, so I’ll sleep where I want to,” He said, getting more and more angry, “and you’re attracted to my wealth!” “No. I’m not.” “How are you attracted to me then?? My personality?” “No!!” “HOW!!??” At this point he was advancing quickly with intent to maim so I acted quickly, “Your looks,” I said. “Really?” he asked with a full smile. I opened the door and sprinted out, saying, “NO!! You’re a mentalist! You’re fat, ugly, and stupid!!”

He screamed and ran out to kill me. Every time I tried to retaliate it wouldn’t hurt him at all. If I tried to hit him he would just squeeze me. I ran and that was okay because I was faster. I decide to hide in mum’s car and live on the chips in the boot.

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