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The Evacuation Train

May 24, 2008

I was talking to Shoko in  the kitchen at English Now. She said that there had never been a big disaster since she’s been working there. suddenly smoke crept through the window. She told everybody that it was an unimportant fire and that we should only evacuate if the smoke got any blacker. The smoke went black. She jumped out of the window on to the evacuation train. The evacuation train had stopped for us but it was really hard for us to get on because of the earthquakes. Lots of people were just saving themselves but I reminded them that the kids were locked in the bathroom. They told me that I could save them if I wanted. I opened the bathroom door and Soushi came out, ran around the classroom and then lay on the ground. I told him to stand up, then I threw him out of the window. I think he landed on the train. A couple of people were saving the chairs from being burnt, but I saved the computer harddrive and my cellphone/cellphone charger.

I ran along the platform and just about jumped on to the train when a typhoon started and blew me off my feet, flying me back into the classroom. The fire had stopped and there was only some damage. Wilbur was waiting for me. He told me that it was better that everybody had left because now we could fart without embarrassment. He farted.

I woke up in a smaller version of Laura’s room. Everything was white. Somebody knocked on the front door so I put a towel around me and opened my door to see mum answering it. There was a wall when I opened my door, but a gap in the floor where you could go down to the door that mum was answering. There was a wall in front of that too, but there was a gap in the floor downstairs too that led outside. The person at the door was selling something mum didn’t want. I went to tell Laura about my dream and she said that she had the same one so don’t bother.

I got on the invisible Shinkansen. I was the only person on it and it was really freaky how fast it went. The Shinkansen flew over some Maoris that were marching in Maori formation. They had that koru flag. In the sky there was a huge, awesome bird. It was about the size of a plane and left a magical trail behind it. I took a photo but it didn’t turn out. The Shinkansen kept travelling very close to ancient ruins.

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