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The Costume Caper

April 20, 2008

My band was asked to play in a new festival in Tokyo; it was a strange festival that goes down a whole street of houses. Each house has a different theme and every house would have three or four bands playing in it at a time; one for every room. For some reason, we got scheduled for the “Retro House”. At first we didn’t mind so much because we were at a good time, and the house seemed to have decent sized audiences. But then when it was actually time to play we didn’t have any audience because they put us on at the same time as a terrible Doors tribute band. The lead singer even had one of those terrible blonde mohawks.

At the end of the festival there was a ceremony. The ceremony was put on especially for Grandma; at the end of it she was put on a special show and given a few awards. Just before the climax of the show Steve Coogan asked me quietly if I liked costumes. “They’re fine I guess,” I replied.
“Then go outside and put this on.”
He handed me an equestrian uniform.
I went outside, but there was a car of bandits driving up so I froze not knowing what to do. Steve Coogan came out and asked me why I wasn’t wearing the uniform. I asked him if he was involved in the Costume Caper (a scheme where people steal costumes from special events). He said, “of course not,” as he waved to the bandits. I jumped on the horse and the bandits chased after me, their dogs jumping up and trying to bite me down. I jumped off the horse mid-gallop and ran into the school hall, only to find Laura sitting at her computer in her room.
“There’s a turtle on your computer,” I remarked.
“I know, I put it there,” she replied as it climbed over the keys.

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