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Latino Girls

April 6, 2008

At a party Wilbur suggested we all meet up the next day to work on our projects. “Let’s meet in the link at 2,” he said. Tim Currie and Matthew Robinson thought that was the best idea.
When I woke up it was already 1:45pm. “What? How could I have slept for so long?” I asked Matthew who was in the futon beside mine. “I don’t know, but while you were asleep Tim, Laura, and Kat Thomas all tried to ring you and left messages. They sounded really angry.”
So I checked my phone. But the menu was really weird. I wondered if I had a virus on it because no matter what button I pushed all that would happen is another picture of a Latino girl in a sultry pose would appear on the screen. I decided to run off to the meeting place. Matthew came too.

On the way Kat asked what my project was. I told her my fact (which we could see);
Van Gough once made a painting on his balcony which a cat came and licked up. He was really upset, but found a paint by numbers of the same painting, so used sugar on his balcony along with the paint by numbers.

When we got to the link it had been remade. I got lost because there was only one room of link left and the rest were bad advertisements of jeans and latino girls (and one basketball room where the jocks made fun of you). There were 32 rooms of Latino girls. I thought it was all so unnecessary. They also moved the payphones in the boxes to I don’t know where, so I couldn’t ring my mum. I came back to the link grumpy and told them something about paint by numbers. They weren’t very impressed. Andrew A had the best fact apparently.

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