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The Yellow Umbrella

March 22, 2008
On the way to the party Amiria was telling me how great it would be. “Man, you’re going to love it,” she spouted while taking a few drugs, ” there are going to be so many people there. But you should do some drugs, it’s not the party where you don’t do drugs.”
When we got there there certainly were a lot of people. Infact the street was full of them. Lots of people lining all the way down the street. We took a taxi to the top of Crosby St, but we couldn’t get down to my mum’s house (which is where the party was) because of the amount of people. They were all taking drugs. This wasn’t the type of party where you didn’t take drugs.
We took a ticket and waited in our place in line. It was outside number 54 Crosby Street; how we’d jumped in front of a whole lot of people I don’t know.
When we finally got inside, it was much bigger than it seemed from the outside. It was also a lot less crowded. In fact, in the first room (which was a construction zone) there was no-one. If people just carried on to the next room I don’t know.
I started playing drums on one of the pipes. It made a great sound. Somebody who came in with our group played the concrete mixer in reply. In moments several people were around the room, playing different pieces of construction equipment in different rhythms. Andrew A played the, still wet, concrete with a shovel.

I grabbed Amiria’s yellow umbrella and jumped out of the window. This is what I wanted. I knew it was an umbrella made of flying materials and now I had it. It took me a while to get control of it, but eventually, by pulling up or down the stick in the middle, I got the handle of it. I could fly very high, but it was still fun. All of Amiria’s henchmen were trying to shoot me down. I needed to get somewhere safe.

I saw Laura and Jake talking to each other, so I flew down to them. They were very obviously flirting. Laura looked at me with a face that said, “I don’t want you here.” I told her that I found the flying umbrella. She said, “great,” in a way that she didn’t mean at all, “actually, me and Jake were in the middle of something so go and do something else, okay?”

I turned around and the yellow umbrella was gone. Crap. Amiria picked me up in her car. I asked her if she could take me to the shark competition. “Well, I could, but I’m not Amiria; I’m Laura.” I turned around. She was right, she was Laura, but she drove me to the competition anyway. She told me she would watch for a while too. On the way I noticed that she had yellow glasses on. She must have melted down the umbrella for her frames. “So you can fly now, huh?” I asked. “Yeah, I wasn’t sure if it would still work this way, but it’s fine.” At least she was honest.

The shark competition was at the pool. We would dip our legs into the pool and wait for the sharks to eat the meat that we threw at them. They weren’t that dangerous, but it was about how scared we were. The last person with their legs in the water was the winner. The competition was going fine, but somebody in charge must have gotten confused because the sharks kept getting bigger. They weren’t the harmless sharks anymore. When one of the other guys in the competition was dragged in and eaten I jumped out of the competition. I could hear him screaming under the water. A great white jumped out of the water to prove that now was a good time to give up. Andrew A gave up too. We high fived. A killer whale jumped out of the water. So did a dolphin.

At the other pool my Mum was going to be the Minister for a baptism. She just arrived. I told her about the sharks. She said it was a shame. We went over to the baptism pool. There were a lot of people in the audience. Tammy said that we could go over to the youth group side; it was from behind but there were less people. As we were walking it started. Water shot up from the pool and then formed an iceberg; this was the coolest baptism I’d ever been too. We walked around to the youth group side….they were just playing the Simpsons Movie on that side.

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