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the devil popping a pimple

March 2, 2008

Laura, Breanna and I all wanted to shower before the show. I managed to sneak my way in first and finish before the others noticed. Laura had one next, but Breanna was so desperate to shower that she got naked and ran around the house before hopping in the shower with Laura. She told me she would wait but she didn’t.  At this Laura got out. She was too late though; I had already left and got on the biggest train. It was the sort of train where you couldn’t see the other side and you sat way up high with your legs dangling in the air.
Andrew A was hanging out in Mum and Dad’s room and I had every intention of going and talking to him. That was until I saw the devil popping a pimple in the kitchen. He was one of those cliché devils with the goatee and horns. He told me that I haven’t talked to Andrew in a while and that I should send him an email. I said okay, but I didn’t really mean it and was laughing at his appearance. Apparently he’d talked to Andrew too, and he laughed the same as me. God was taking a piss at the time (I didn’t realise he needed to).

The “cute guy” in school was hitting on Laura. He wanted to kiss her in the school play. She agreed, but when he went in for the kiss on stage she held up a kitten and he made out with it. When he saw the playback on a small high definition screen he was angry.

As she was leaving, Laura saw Manaka (3 years old) playing with the blue rope. She said, “What’s this little freak doing here?!” and went over to strangle Manaka with the blue rope she was playing with. I screamed out, “No!!” and ran over to stop her doing it, “She’s just one of the preschoolers, leave her alone!”

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  1. Talia permalink
    May 5, 2010 8:29 am

    I remember this one

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