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New Schleiss Toys

February 18, 2008

Adam and Diane were having a few problems because of a strange complication in their relationship. Diane would go on about how much she wanted to make out with Laura to everyone but Adam (much to the confusion of Laura (she was flattered, but not interested, I was just confused)). Adam and Diane’s house was just across the street and if I opened my window I could see that they were fighting; Adam must have found out about it. The fighting went on for several weeks, and finally, drunk, Diane (who was now Corinne) sat alone in her room across the lane from mine. I opened my window, she did the same, and we talked about it. I told her that she had to choose one or the other (not that one was really a valid option) and she said she wanted both, even though one was just a fantasy.

Brian from NOVA lived in the same house as Diane (Corinne) and Adam, and was sick of the arguing so came around to my house. He turned on one of the many stereos in my room that could only play what was pre-recorded on them. He picked the punk stereo. I told him that it only had terrible music on it except for the Local Hoons. We listened to a few tracks and he told me that the Local Hoons didn’t do anything for him except for a couple of tracks. I got us some 7up from the kitchen. When I came back he was Matthew, my brother.

He showed me his new Schleiss toys. One was a hen, and the other an orange flamingo. He said that Schleiss toys are great because they are always worth 6 Euros. You can buy them for 6 Euros, but whenever you get sick of them you can sell them for 6 Euros too. He said that those two toys didn’t really like each other. I put them both down on the carpet and the flamingo fell over because of his langly legs. The chicken liked a box. It got nervous because he wanted the box as a home but he was concerned that the flamingo would want the box too. The flamingo just kept falling over even though he thought he was really classy. Matthew was thinking of returning them.

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  1. Norman Schwartz permalink
    March 3, 2012 6:54 pm

    What are the legalities or implications in selling off a large stockholding of a wide variety of Schleiss toys? – many are out of date and up to 20 yrs old and no longer available?

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