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A Film Starring Jenny Currie

February 8, 2008

I went into a holiday house. It was strange in design; it was one very thin, but very tall, room. It also had a mezzanine floor on the top. I was looking around when the owner walked in. He was a bandit so he got out his gun. I told him that I only wanted to see the mezzanine floor. He said okay, but don’t look down the other side. Naturally when I went up there I looked down the other side. There was another room, I assumed that’s where he kept his drugs. It looked like a small warehouse. He saw me looking and pointed his gun again, but then his mum rang and told him to come around, so he asked me to look after the place.

Out of the window I could see the beach. I rang up Becs because I wanted someone to come around. She was with Kat and Alice. They went up and down the beach but couldn’t see the house. I could see them the whole time. Maybe it was camoflauged. We didn’t meet up.

I went to all of the places that Marie went on her holiday to Japan, but we never met up either.

I watched a film on Laura’s laptop starring Jenny Currie. It was a really bad action film using cartoon effects, but I made it better by doing something on the laptop to make it slow-motion, backwards, and 3D (for some reason that was really great). I wanted to show Andrew what I had found, so went to the party where he was (in a scout hall) and tried to show him the same thing. But, although I searched through the computer for ages, I couldn’t find the right effects anymore and he got bored and joined the box hockey game that was going on. He said that he was going to drink tea if I found the right effects, but I didn’t find them so he smashed the tea-cup on the ground. At that time, some political police came in. Laura and I decided we should leave. As we were leaving I asked her where her sleeping bag and laptop was. She said she would rather have to go to lost and found than be arrested and have to pay the jail fees. She joked about her mum asking about why she hasn’t paid off the house and her saying it was cause she went to jail. We didn’t know how to get home, so we walked in any old direction.

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