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Why are You Smoking Cocaine?!

February 1, 2008

My family came to visit me in Tokyo. Unfortunately, my house had been flooded so I borrowed Jerry’s father in law’s place in Ibaraki. Ibaraki was a barren land full of nothing but muddy mountains and BMX tracks. My family hired a Land Rover to get around in. On the way to my house at the bottom of a very steep, very muddy BMX track, the Land Rover got stuck. Fiona was driving but she kept making it worse. I tried to tell her to go one way, but she would go the other out of stubbornness and the vehicle would get stuck in the mud. Me and Matthew decided to go ahead and walk down to the house at the bottom.
When they finally caught up with us with the car, they couldn’t turn it around because the track got worse the further down you went. I said that the only way to turn was down by the house, but they had to be careful because there was massive holes all around the driveway. When we got to the bottom Dad was driving. For those of you who don’t know, this is a very bad idea because he’s blind. He’d drive quite fast and I had to shout “STOP!” Then he would get angry because I was yelling at him. “I know how to drive,” he grumbled. I told him that he was nearly driving into deep pits and that they would lose the car altogether if he kept driving. Mum decided to drive it back up the hill and to meet us at the top.

Me and Matthew stayed behind. He told mum that he was going to smoke some weed. She sighed and drove off. I asked if I could have some. He said, “I guess so, but it’s not really weed, I just told her that so she wouldn’t think I was smoking cocaine.” “Why are you smoking cocaine?!” I asked frustratedly. “Cause I want to,” he replied. It looked like spinach, but when he smoked it it smelt really bad.

Eventually we went to meet the others (after Matthew got as high as he needed to be). On the way to the next place there was the best view of tokyo I’d ever seen. It was night, but you could see all of the tall buildings clumped together, and there was two rainbows over the city. One rainbow went right over the whole city and then another, bigger rainbow went over that one. I told mum to stop so we could have a look, but she didn’t. We just drove on.

We went to an outdoor amusement park. It was mostly arcade games like the Taiko drumming game. As we walked down the street Michael grumbled a lot. I told him to shutup or I wouldn’t take him to Disneyland secretly the next day.

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