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Please, Come to an Acting Workshop Now, I Need the Numbers!

January 19, 2008

Me and Andrew A decided to go to an acting workshop. It was at the Regent Theatre in Tokyo. My fingers were cracking really bad. When we got inside, the receptionist was being really arrogant; “We get a lot of important workshops, and I don’t know which one you want. You’ll have to give me the number or else I cannot help you.” I knew for a fact that there was only one workshop that day.
Daryl Baser came running down the stairs and thanked us for coming. He looked really distressed. “The other actors are upstairs, go ahead,” he stammered. The boss of the Regent cut him off, “You promised you would get twenty people to attend!” he yelled as he held up a crappy looking sign that Daryl had sello-taped on the door. It said, “Please, come to an acting workshop now, I need the numbers.” Daryl tried to stammer out several futile excuses at once. “You made a written statement in your contract saying that you would guarantee at least 20 people!” said the very angry boss. Me and Andrew made our way upstairs, giggling.

Upstairs was actually a sellout performance by Garry Keirle. We were very confused. Andrew and I watched for a minute, but were so disgusted that we actually bought tickets along with the other 17000 people, that we decided to go for a walk down the corridors. People were loving the show; idiots.

We walked down until we came to a ticket office. It was run by the Salvation Army so you could buy tickets with a donation of any amount. Me and Andrew bought tickets for the Conchill show for $1.50. Callum Spence said he didn’t have time to buy cheap tickets and that he’d better get back to the show.

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