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Laughing at Tsunamis

January 14, 2008

My class was going on a school trip to the Alps, the Southern Alps. We were playing a bus game where we had to guess each other’s heros. People kept getting mine wrong; “The Flaming Lips,” or “Dvorak,” they would say. Finally I told them, “The lead singer from Sigur Ros and Ariane Mnouchkine,” I said. Everyone stared at me cluelessly and full of hate. The bus driver didn’t have his license and was very bad at driving. Everybody was worried that he would fall asleep and drive off the road. He did. The bus turned on it’s side and slid down the mountain side. I thought about hopping out and skating down the gravelly stuff (like Ngarahoe), but when I was thinking about it the bus picked up pace and it was impossible. It seemed everybody else had already got off before I noticed, because I was the only one left in it as it sped, very fast, down the hill. It was kind of fun, but scary at the same time. The bus finally crashed at the bottom of a grassy slope.I was very messed up, with cuts and bruises, but I don’t think anything was broken. I wandered painfully over the grassy hills for a while, trying to find a landmark. I had to play a video game on the way by blowing up bridges that shot missiles at me. It was hard when I was in such a state, but I managed. Brian didn’t make it; I saw his dead body in bits on the ground.

Eventually I came across a seaside town. There was a sort of ritual happening. It might have been a wedding, but there was no bride or groom, so it couldn’t have been really. Although it really did look like one. Ali from Church was there and so I asked her if afterwards I could have a ride back to Dunedin. She gave her excuses (too many people already, etc) and said, “good luck though.” I found another hitchhiker who needed to get back too; it was Callum Spence. Me and Callum made our way out of the ritual town and into the country-side.

Just as we left the town, we saw a Tsunami over the top of the hill. It must have destroyed the town. We laughed and said it’s good that we weren’t still in it. Then another, bigger Tsunami came over the hill. We raced up to the next hill. We looked back and realised we’d left our packs down there. We despaired as the water washed our packs away to the sea. Callum raced after and got washed away too. At least he got his pack back.

I carried on in search of Dunedin. I thought about ringing mum to come and pick me up, but then I realised that I didn’t know where I was, and I’d run out of money on my Yabba card. I looked down and saw Japanese money on the ground. So mum couldn’t pick me up anyway; I was still in Japan. I picked up the money and carried on.

As I was walking I talked with Andrew on Skype. I told him I that I keep finding money on the ground. Really I only found 2 lots, but there was a 500 yen coin in each lot.

It seemed that I’d come across a city. Blair and Owen were standing in the middle of the road. They were trying to find a tea-rooms so they could have some tea. I showed them the way. They wanted it to take-way but the woman who served them wanted the cups back. “When will you return them?” she asked. They um-ed and ah-ed. I’d bring them back on Tuesday.  I lied.

I tried to find the Airport. I couldn’t.

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