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Hitler and the secret Kama Sutra

January 9, 2008

Hitler was watching a secret kama sutra meeting. It wasn’t anything gross, just playing this weird game using fabrishe eggs to see what they have to do later. The people peer pressured Hitler into having a go. Eventually he said, “All right, I’ll do a small one”. He picked his egg and looked at it. It had a picture of Africa and an arrow pointing to one of the lower countries. He had to travel to Africa.

Andrew A, Laura, Adam Wells and I were unpacking our things near an African beach. We were just starting to unpack the jet-boat motor when we saw Hitler driving towards us down the hill. We decided to get back in the car and drive past him. He gave us a wave. We waited up the hill a bit, trying to decide what to do. Hitler drove past us again, stopped a bit up the road, got out, and started happily leaf blowing. I decided it was silly to hide from Hitler and decided to get out and walk down the hill. Laura agreed and followed, Aaron Chave wasn’t so sure. We took the super-soakers with us. Hitler called out that we should practice a play down by the cliffs.

We had to keep warning Adam Wells not to play too near the edge of the cliff especially when you’re the same colour as it. Laura had the Simarils and kept them close by her. She could do tricks with them (everybody cheered), but in one of the harder tricks one of the Simarils fell off the cliff. She dived in to get it. Her dress was floral & so was the cliff. Try as they might, none could catch the rogue Simaril.

I went to make hot chocolates in the Apostolic Church kitchen. I made up the mix & put it in an Aquarius bottle in the microwave. When I wanted it out the microwave wouldn’t open & it still said 40 minutes on the timer. It was boiling. Katie’s sister opened the microwave door & said that you have to be Canadian to work it.

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