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America’s Cup

January 9, 2008

Andrew A’s last trip in New Zealand was to kayak down all of the sounds. Andrew’s Dad and I followed his progress on Google -Earth. We were amazed at how big the whales were at the ends of the sounds and thought that it’s going to be dangerous for him to get around from one sound to another. We zoomed in so we could go and visit him. Me, Genevieve and Brian (Andrew’s dad) all had our own kayaks and travelled down the sounds with Andrew. The sounds were mostly inside, and there were a lot of bookshelves. It was quite maze-like, and relatively dark.

The race for the American Presidency was on at the time. The first part of the race was an orienteering course for cars. Andrew A and I entered secretly for fun. It was quite unorganised.

When that was over the main race began. The first race was only to get rid of most of the competitors (kind of like the America’s Cup). Somehow, the only people in this race were Me and KC. I figured it was because they wanted to let a black guy win this year. I talked to KC for a bit and he seemed really enthusiastic about winning.

The race itself was climbing up a bookshelf filled with pillows to find the presidential envelope. The shelf looked like a bigger version of the one from English Now! When we started both me and KC got very sleepy. It must have been the influence of the pillows. I thought it might be fun to jump down onto the catch-net below, so I did. KC said that I lose unless he jumps too. I talked him into jumping and we started again. We raced properly this time, and KC was really pushing to win. He frantically searched for the envelope, but it was on my side and I found it easily. KC congratulated me, but looked really down. I told Laura that she should tell KC that he looks, “Put Out,” cause that’s what she usually says. She shrugged.

It dawned on me that I was the President of the United States of America….I won.
Andrew and I had this conversation:
You’re the president.
I just realised that I’m the president.
You’re the President of America.
It’s going to be so much work. The president. I don’t want to be the president! I’m not smart enough to be the president.
It’ll be fun. And you’ll earn more money.
Yeah, but I’ll be the frickin’ President!! I’ll screw it up
you’ll be famous.
Yeah, I guess then it’ll be easier for me to put on plays and be in bands afterwards. I… oh no, you know what? I can’t
I’m not a US citizen. Oops. I guess KC wins by default.
Everybody’s going to be pissed that you ran and aren’t a citizen.

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