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Nelson Lakes National Park

January 2, 2008

Andrew A and I were camping on the ice because Nelson Lakes National Park had frozen over. We had a tent over us, but underneath was just the ice. The first time we woke up the the ice had made a perfectly straight crack down the middle of our tent. I was quite worried but Andrew shoved his fingers down the crack and heaved my way. The ice slipped away from under me but there was another layer of ice underneath; he knew what he was doing and laughed.

When we woke up a second time we panicked; the ice had cracked much more and the things in our tent were sinking in the freezing cold water. We managed to put the tent, and some of our belongings, on the biggest bit of ice and then Andrew dived down to save some of our things. As he did, he bumped his wallet, keys, and sunglasses into the water. American $5 notes kept spraying out of his wallet. I had to dive down to get them but I couldn’t reach.

When we saved as much as we could we sat, cold and wet, in the floating tent. Andrew could only save the beer and a couple of other, non-important things. Some people from the news came to the tent to interview us on extreme camping. We didn’t want to comment.

Then some bullies came to the tent and wanted to steal our things. They asked what we had and Andrew said all of our stuff was at the bottom of the sea. They said, “what about the bag?” and one of the tougher bullies grabbed it. It had some of our beer. He chucked the bag back to me and made me hand them out to the bullies. Laura hid the Chamay behind the plastic bag so the bullies wouldn’t see it. I wanted to say, “good work Laura,” but they would hear me.

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