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A Bit of Rugby, A Bit of Music, and A Bit More Rugby

December 27, 2007

The Rugby coach at Kaikorai Valley College called over all of the boys after PE. He said that one of the All Blacks was coming to give a day of fun rugby activities and that if we wanted to, he’d grouped our names into days that we could go on. He called out names that could go on Monday. Everyone before me said no (I was last on the list). He called my name, but before I could say no too he started going on about how there would be a lot of music too. I didn’t get a chance to say how it would all probably be bogan music because he kept talking. “A bit of rugby, a bit of music, and a bit more rugby,” he said. I thought about it and realised that it would probably be more exciting than school anyway, so said yes to shut him up.

The rugby game was on top of Mount Fuji. The All Black kept going the most dangerous ways, and I kept telling him to watch out. He laughed and ran faster down the most dangerous way of all. He slipped, grabbed some grass (which ripped out of the ground), and fell down a snowy cliff. It was all over the news and was replayed many times.

On the way down the mountain I met up with his daughter. She was off to find him. She was only 5 years old and spoke Japanese, so I thought I’d better help her. We started up the treacherous path.

On the way through the ice tunnel there was a wooden door. It was too small for me, but the girl could fit in so she just carried on. I tried to get through, but I kept getting stuck. Jerry came up the path and said that he was big too, but he usually takes off the hinges. And so we took off the hinges.

We hurried up the tunnel until we met some Dwarves with spears coming down. They told us that they had been waiting for us to arrive. We followed until we came to a multitude of Dwarves in a giant Dwarf Kingdom. It wasn’t cold. There was a great meeting.

My friends were tied up and just about to be eaten; they were cannibal Dwarves! The friends were now Berenstein Bears; I was too. They looked sad because they were going to be cooked in a great feast. I had to dance a Cabaret routine with the Queen Dwarf.

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