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Distracted by the Robot.

December 11, 2007

Scott and Sarah were hanging out with me in one of the rooms, when Sarah noticed the curtain rails. Half of the connecty things were on the upper rail, and half were on the lower. I couldn’t really give a care, but Sarah thought it was extremely ugly and insisted I changed it at once. Scott got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I’m pretty sure he was joking. Sarah stood on his head to fix the curtain hooks.

Scott took a screw and inserted it into a hole in the robot’s head like a key. At first the robot sat there and did nothing, but then the screw activated a magnetic mechanism that was really strong. Many things in the room flew over to the robot and stuck fast to it. it caused a great wind. A portion of the wall collapsed and flew past us (narrowly missing Scott) and stuck to the robot. There was a paddow through the hole in the wall.

While we were distracted by the robot, somebody had stolen the map. They were going to find the secret that we were looking for. Laura got out of the onsen. I asked her if she remembered any of the map. She said she remembered a bit and then proceeded to draw a dumbed down version of the tokyo subway map on the back of a map of the subway.

I say that I had never noticed one of the lines before. She thinks it’s a clue. We all pretend to understand the meaning and say that we need to follow the clue. “It was in the wap after all!” I exclaimed [sic]. Scott hummed the theme from Twin Peaks but it’s actually the ringing song from skype.

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