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two huge naans

November 10, 2007

Laura &  I were at a party in Hyde street & everyone was being ultra nice. they wanted to go to town but i didn’t. Mark Currie noticed a small yellow taxi inside the grandfather clock. The station-master laughed and placed a yellow bus beside it.
laura and I woke up in my old room after the party. she said it was just as well my parents weren’t coming home for a couple of days…then we heard my mum’s door open. i said that she must have come home last night while the party was going on. Laura started to panically clean my room. I told her that all i had to do was put one of my mattresses on the floor & that she should pretend to have slept on it.
I then saw the clock. It said 10am. I was late for work. Laura looked at me with a sympathetic face while I panicked. Andrew A came in and told us that we forgot to set the clocks to japanese time & that we were okay. He preceeded to wind all of the clocks in my room.
Mum came in. she smiled and said, “ah, so this is Laura.” Laura bowed awkwardly. I said that we had to get ready for work. Mum said that i shouldn’t worry about that & that I had to pack some small mix bags for church. I said that i had to get ready for work. Michael & Angela started crying. Mum said very sternly that she had made me my naans & the bags would be a nice favour in return (she held up two huge naans, pointing to more in the kitchen.

I sat at the table of stickers & lollies and thought, “what the hell!? i’ve got to get ready for work!” but all i could do was laugh. I looked over at Andrew A sitting in the corner; he laughed too.
I had to make one mix bag for myself because the church felt sorry for me in the NOVA situation.

We took the bags to the festival & there were two japanese kids who were trick or treating. I gave them elaborate lollies.

We had a meeting in a barn. there were small ferrets around the edges & it was my job to keep them out. masae said that they were nothing comared to what would happen if it rained.

It started pissing down. In the distance i saw all of the gigantic rats running towards us. I shut the door (which wouldn’t cover the entrance) & hit back any rats that tried to force their way in with a shovel. I started growling extremely loudly & that shocked most of them but i found the best way to keep them away was to spit at them; they didn’t like that.

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