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People Thought It Was Quirky

November 5, 2007

We were in a really crowded bar somewhere between Dunedin & Tokyo. There were a few bands playing that night, but it was hard to tell if they were performing or soundchecking. I clapped in time when one of the bands wanted the audience to; nobody else did though. There was no drummer & the lead singer (one of the guys from KV) said it was better music for the 10 seconds when I clapped. He then started to give me drumming advice so i walked off.

I realised i was naked so i walked around the bar in search of clothes. I was embarrassed, but i laughed it off & people thought it was quirky.

Mette saw me & she pointed out that i was naked. I said, “I know, i’m trying to find my clothes,” & covered myself with a ManBoo advertisement fan. i said it was good to see her again. She said that she’d actually been here for several weeks & seen me tree or four times, it’s just that every time we talked i was apparently off my face.

Jess & some of her friends came up to talk to me about the review. she noticed that i was naked too. I said, “I KNOW, I’m just trying to find my clothes!”

Jerry came & tried to introduce me to some children. Some of them were my students. I was really embarrassed. The woman in the floral dress beside me laughed nervously.

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