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Scotty From ReFuel

September 27, 2007

Laura and stopped for a rest. I lay down & looked up at the sky. We were in a field, heading towards a city. It was fine with a few clouds. The colour of the sky kept changing; first blue, then red, to green, to purple, to orange, to amber. I was mumbling jokes about the colour change. She told me to stop acting so stupid & stormed off again. I lay for a bit longer, but thought I’d better catch up so picked up the two theatre lights i was carrying (a parcan & a mini-p.c.) & hurried along.

When I caught up she was already in the rockshop, asking Scotty from refuel about lights. He told her that he would never hire out anything to anyone like her. He had huge bags under her eyes. I asked him about the night before (whether he was tired/hungover) & he became talkative. Laura was pissed off. I thought we’d better get out of there before she hit him

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