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A Sympathy Video on the Big Screen

September 27, 2007

There was a huge event being held at the Tokyo Dome. The Tokyo Dome itself looked like a caravan park where the caravans had been moved away so that there could be an event. They showed a sympathy video on the big screen about some flatmates who got their stuff stolen. Even though their faces were blurred out I could tell it was Dave & Damien. All they had left was Christmas cake – the thieves didn’t want that.

We were all sitting around the outside of the grass when hot girls across the way were pointing. One of them pointed at Mark Currie (who was sitting with us) & whispered to the skinny blonde girl next to her. Blondy didn’t seem too interested.

The music started up & some couples got up to dance. Andy D wanted to dance with a girl but he was too shy to ask.Ii saidIi felt like dancing anyway so i got up & danced with him (not like the couples though).

Andy D was actually phoebe smith & we danced & danced. I kept bumping into old people, but they didn’t mind cause i was a good dancer. Phoebe’s mum thought I was the best. phoebe wanted more alcohol, so we walked down to the supermarket at the other end of the venue.

She got cider but I wanted chu-hi. they only had smirnoff; either melon, lemon & lime, or raspberry. It took me ages to work out the prices. Eventually I got a 4 pack of raspberry and a single lemon & lime. When I bought them there was a note on the receipt that said, ” love from matthew.”

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