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Cool Person Handshake

August 21, 2007

Andrew A, Tristram Tiffin Orlando Stewart, and I were walking around the botanical gardens, which were huge. There were hills and sand-dunes which we were climbing all over. Tristram didn’t want to climb very many so we made fun of him. Andrew told me that this was the place where he groped someone. I don’t think he was joking. We continued walking and found a door that was ajar. We were going to go and explore inside because usually that door is locked. We could tell because the lock was stiff. Andrew A went in a little bit, but then we all felt a bit weird about the whole thing and carried on without exporing.

We saw that the Chubb man was locking the gates. We started to pretend we were joggers and jogged out of it. He asked us what we were doing in such a dangerous place. “We were going for a jog,” I replied, a bit confused what he meant by ‘dangerous’. “You shouldn’t be in there,” he said, “because of those men,” and pointed at a guy dressed in black with a torch and a gun.

The creepy men had hostages. More people were getting duck-taped up to be hostages. I did a cool person handshake with the chubbman. He was a friendly Maori who seemed to know me, but not Andrew A. He kept saying my name. He started reminicing about handshakes. We were next to be hostages. I was a bit confused about the whole thing. I was pulled away from the others and got taken by the people dressed in black. I turned around and said to Andrew, “I knew we should have gone the other way.” He laughed.

I was being ignored by the kidnappers. It was kind of annoying just standing the field with stuff happening around me. I went up to one of the men, but he just shrugged. I decided to follow some of the others being taken away. One of the people was Matthew. He started to make a run for it. I thought he was going to get shot, but they let him run. They were pretty lousy kidnappers, really. He ran to the gates on the other side of the gardens and then cowered beside them. It was actually Michael. I was worried that he was going to get us all shot, so I pleaded with him to come with me. He said, “I don’t want to do this anymore, I don’t like camp.” I asked him if he wanted to hold my hand. We awkwardly held taped hands and went slowly over to where mum was. She thought the whole thing was a bit strange. she stared into the distance and the men didn’t mind at all.

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