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Shifty Looks Out of the Corners of Her Eyes

August 16, 2007

I was walking home from Laura’s house when she came back out, stood on her balcony, and said, “Andrew!” She wanted me to come up the stairs. She was wearing a bra and a tiny skirt. She wanted me to come inside. She opened the door and checked Shannon’s room to see if she was there. She was actually standing in the dark of the hallway. “Hello,” she said to us, with a breathe in laugh at the end like she does, “What are you guys doing? You’re not going to drink all of my alcohol again are you?” Laura looked nervous, “No, no, we were just going to hangout outside, want to join us?” Shannon said, “Sure.”

We all went out to the courtyard and sat on the couches. Andrew A sat with us too. Laura’s next door neighbor said “hello”. We all were startled because we didn’t see her in the corner. She kept asking me questions, to which I gave her very vague answers. When she left (giving me shifty looks out of the corners of her eyes) I turned to Andrew A and said, “please, please, don’t tell anyone around here any personal information about me. They’re all out to get me.”

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